Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have been working on some really fun watercolors lately! Below are two snippets of some images I recently painted.

A bride commissioned me to paint the boat watercolor. She will use the artwork on some of her wedding pieces- save the date, program, etc. Due to baby #2 coming soon and my availability I wasn't able to do the pieces themselves for her but I was thrilled she asked me to paint the watercolor!

The popsicles and jawbreaker artwork are available for use on custom-designed stationery or invitations.

Also, commissioned watercolors are available! E-mail me if you have any questions or orders.


(All images are © 2011 Unink Design, LLC.)


Annalee said...

joanna, i am constantly amazed by your talents! i absolutely want to commission you to do some watercolors for us. we are in the process of house-hunting, so when we finally find a place to call "home" i'm going to call you! congratulations on baby #2... LOVING your work... especially the vintage pram. it almost made me want to have another baby! (almost). :)

Unink Design LLC said...

Thanks, Annalee! I would love to do a watercolor you when you're ready for one! I really enjoy painting them. I noticed where you are now working with your friend at Lucky-Luxe. Her work is amazing! What I would give to be able to letterpress. It really is a lost art and it's hard to come by.

Thanks again!